Berkshire Studio Group.

Combined with


Welcome to the Berkshire Studio Group - combined with Paul's Studio


  • The Berkshire Studio Group has been combined with Pauls Studio and the format for the group shoots has changed and the venue has relocated to nearby  Pauls-Studio


  • The New Studio Group sessions will be more frequent and for small groups, allowing you more time to shoot and more choice, i.e. Glamour, Nude and other genres/styles depending on demand.
  • The Studio Groups are available to book now, Over the coming weeks this site will be changed upgraded to included the following new features.

  • Interactive Gallery - Mail News Letter - Planned Events - and more.




  • The Studio Groups are available to book now, so Join the Studio Group Mail List and ensure you get the Studio Group Letter now.
  •  Join the Studio Group Mail List Now.
  • You will also soon be able to see planned Events here
  • Pauls Studio also offers Studio Model  Photos Shoots - One to One Courses - Personal Tuition -
  • Model Studio Days - Locations Shoots  See full details at you will also find details in all the National Photography Magazines.
  •  Contact me if you need more information